Bibb Commissioners could vote Tuesday on using $175,370 of blight bond money to clean up the Pleasant Hill neighborhood.

Keshia Harpe says living on Walnut Street is like living in the wilderness.

“I came home from work one day and there was a huge snake on my floor in my kitchen,” said Harpe.

She says blight surrounds her house, and it is ruining the whole neighborhood.

“The kids go inside to do whatever they do inside of them, and it's just not safe. A lot of things have happened in this neighborhood because of these abandoned houses,” said Harpe.

State representative James Beverly says that is about to change.

“This will probably be a linchpin for what's going to happen over here,” said Beverly.

Bibb County could use blight bonds to clear nine blighted properties.

Beverly says if they do, he wants to replace them with new homes.

“This authority that I created, the Macon-Bibb Community Enhancement Authority, is probably going to take some of the proceeds from houses we sell or rehab to do part of the building,” said Beverly.

He says the new homes could be a catalyst for bringing back Pleasant Hill.

“This is a viable place. It’s minutes from downtown. We shouldn't continue to chase smokestacks. We should probably do micro businesses, entrepreneurships. Letting the community do what it really needs,” said Beverly.

Those are all changes that Harpe says she would love to see.

“Honestly, it would probably give me a peace of mind,” said Harpe.