As central Georgia prepares for Tropical Storm Nate, people in Bibb County say they are still dealing with the effects from Tropical Storm Irma.

Whenever a storm's on the horizon, Mary Lou Ezell says she and her husband play a game.

“Oh, yeah. This one will probably fall across the creek. Oh, yeah, that one’s probably going to come on the roof,” says Ezell.

She says they always keep an eye on the dozens of trees around their house.

“We've got some beautiful hard woods behind me right over here, and we do watch them to speculate where they might fall if they should fall. We do have a lot of pines, and I do think sometimes the pines are even more unstable,” says Ezell.

But Ezell says they have played that game a little too much recently.

“We're a little uneasy knowing another storm is coming our way,” says Ezell.

She says Irma left their neighborhood with a lot of leaning trees and piles of storm debris. Now she is worried Nate could make things worse.

“And it looks like we're going to get the side of it, but that's probably wind and we don't need any more wind at the moment,” says Ezell.

But Ezell is not the only one thinking about what this storm could do.

“We will continue to monitor because we know these storms are unstable,” says Bibb County Spokesman, Chris Floore. He says they are asking people to be prepared for any type of weather Nate could bring the area.

“Go ahead and check your emergency kits, review your emergency plan with your family, and just monitor your local weather forecast to determine if the storm will or won’t impact us,” says Floore.

Even though Ezell is worried, she says no storm could make her move away from her canopy of trees.

“It's a concern, but the beauty of it outweighs that concern,” says Ezell.