Bibb County could give Georgia Behavioral Health Services more than $750,000 to help build two new homes in Macon for adults with developmental disabilities

This comes after the state of Georgia entered a settlement agreement to start shutting down state psychiatric hospitals in 2010.

Hagin McDonald says his bedroom has not only given him a place to dance, but he says it has also given him freedom.

“I was kind of nervous when I first got here, but I got used to it now,” said McDonald.

McDonald says he left a hospital in Augusta to come live in this home with three other men with developmental disabilities.

“I can already tell I like it better. It’s more different [than] all the things we got to do at the hospital," said McDonald.

That independence is why Greta O'Dell says River Edge Behavioral Health Center builds these homes.

“It's not just about living in the community. It’s about participating in the community,” said O’Dell.

O'Dell says they work with the adults to help them find jobs.

“They do as much as they can individually, as independently as possible, and then staff are there to support them with the needs they can’t provide for themselves,” said O’Dell.

Staff like Mike Hill, who cooks for the guys. He says he has watched all of them grow since they moved in.

“They come in the kitchen [and] help assist me with cooking, cleaning and grocery shopping. They love to grocery shop,” said Hill.

It getting to do activities like cooking that McDonald says makes him feel lucky.

“I’m very thankful for my house and all that,” said McDonald.

To learn more about living in one of these homes, click this link.