Tuesday night, more than 200 people gathered in the Government Center as Bibb Commissioners approved an anti-discrimination ordinance. In a six to three vote, commissioners voted to change the county charter to say that the county cannot prevent someone from being promoted or hired because they are gay or transgender.

Dozens of people, like Bentley Hudgins, came out to show support for an ordinance dealing with the county hiring or promoting gay and transgender people.

“This is from Georgia equality my friend, Wes Sanders. First, by the way, the other Georgia municipalities, 62 already protected LGBT public employees from public discrimination,”says Hudgins.

There were also people like Pastor Tim McCoy who were there to ask the commission not to approve the change.

“It's not good for our children. It's not good for our community. It's not good for people of faith,” says McCoy.

Commissioner Scotty Shepherd spoke up saying he was voting against this ordinance because he says the charter is fine the way it is.

“I am convinced adding special anti-discrimination wording in our current code will lead to people thinking they have special rights and entitlements without regards to their abilities and qualifications,” says Shepherd.

Commissioner Elaine Lucas spoke up in support of the change saying it is unfair when people don't have the protection that they deserve.

“Cause discrimination is discrimination is discrimination,” says Lucas.

Since this ordinance deals with changing the county charter, it has to receive approval again at the next full commission meeting on May 2nd.