A Bibb commissioner is pushing for public officials in the county to get drug tested.

Commissioner Joe Allen introduced a resolution that would request a voluntary test from all elected and appointed Bibb officials.

Allen says he has thought for several years that the county should make more public officials take drug tests.

“I don't want to hide. Nothing needs to be hidden. We work for the people. The people don’t work for us,” said Allen.

Right now, Allen says only some county workers -- like those who drive county vehicles -- are required to take a drug test, but Allen is trying to change that.

“There's a lot of other employees that need to be tested that deal with money…that deal with operations,” said Allen.

He is introducing a resolution to the Bibb commission that would request a voluntary drug test from all elected and appointed public officials in the county.

“Our county attorney, our finance director, I can name about 70 is what I thought about that needs to be tested,” said Allen.

He says it is important to make sure that those who handle the taxpayers’ dollars are in the right state of mind.

Before the resolution goes through, Allen says the commission still has a lot to discuss such as funding, which he says could come from the general fund.

He also says they will discuss when officials would have to take the tests.

“Look this is debatable. I just want people to be tested,” said Allen.

Commissioner Elaine Lucas says she does not have a problem with the tests, but she just wants to know what prompted Allen to push this.

“I understand that there’s no reason that anybody should be against it, but I’m just wondering if there is a specific reason for this coming up at this time,” said Lucas.

Allen says he just wants to make sure nothing is holding Macon back from being the best it can be.

“We really need to be a drug free county,” said Allen.

A commission committee will take a look at this resolution, and they could vote on it at Tuesday’s meeting.