Bibb County Commissioners approved a three mill property tax increase during a hearing Friday night.

The increase was approved with a 5- 3 vote as part of the county's $149.9 million 2018 budget.

The current millage rate in Bibb County is 14.652-- the approved increase will now take that number to 17.652.

According to County Spokesman Chris Floore, homeowners will now pay an additional $99 additional dollars on a $100,000 house.

Floore says the money will be used to help balance the 2018 budget while also providing raises for sheriff deputies and firefighters in the second half of the year.

Commissioner Al Tillman voted yes during the hearing saying, "I reluctantly will support the 3 mills, but I am going to be out in saying publicly that I am doing it as a temporary." Tillman went on to say that despite supporting the bill, he's more in favor of a bill that affects the entire community. The three mills increase only affects homeowners--including himself.

While Tillman reluctantly supported the increase, Commissioner Joe Allen clearly stated his opposition. " I was hoping I'd never have to say this but, I stayed out of politics for three years and came back thinking this would be county government. This is nothing but the same old city government they had in Macon and they forget about the people who live in the unincorporated area. Majority of those people out there they live in the unincorporated area. They have received the shaft--the city has received the gold."

Several Bibb County tax payers also attended the hearing to voice their concerns.

Here's a look at how commissioner's voted:


Gary Bechtel

Larry Schlesinger

Scotty Sheppard

Virgil Watkins, Jr.

Al Tillman


Elaine Lucas

Mallory Jones, III

Joe Allen

*Mayor pro tem Bert Bivens, III was not present at the hearing.