Alcohol will no longer be allowed inside of Macon's Rosa Parks Square once a new green space is created on Poplar Street.

However, until that green space is created, Mayor Robert Reichert says he will not sign alcohol permits for Rosa Parks Square.

In a five to four vote, Bibb commissioners voted to create a space on Poplar Street for people to hold events with alcohol.

Reichert says the green space creates a compromise for both sides on the issue.

Commissioner Gary Bechtel voted against it because he says there are no plans for the new space.

Bechtel says if the mayor is not going to sign off on permits it could leave people with nowhere to hold these events.

“So there will be no alternative for a period of time, and to that effect, we have seen nothing as relates to what it’s going to cost. No idea where the money's coming from, no plans, no survey, no nothing. We are throwing things against a wall, so we can all feel better and get an uncomfortable item off our plate,” says Bechtel.

Commissioner Larry Schlesinger voted in favor because he says it sends a message of unity for the community.

“Creating a situation that will bring people together and at the same time will allow the consumption of alcohol by permit in an area that is so very close by,” says Schlesinger.

Reichert says people should feel confident the Poplar Street park will be built since it is in the ordinance.