Update, 6 p.m.:

Coroner Leon Jones identified the victim as 53-year old Michael Baxley.


Bibb County investigators were on the scene Monday afternoon in what the coroner is describing as a gruesome crime.

The sheriff's office says a man was shot to death inside his home at 4432 Pharr Ave, off of Columbus Road in west Macon.

"There's a lot of blood," said Bibb County Coroner Leon Jones. "They're collecting shell casings to see how many times this gentleman was shot."

Bibb County Sheriff's Lt. Randy Gonzalez said the victim was found just inside of the doorway of the home. The door was open when investigators arrived, Gonzales said.

The body was found by a friend who dropped by around 11:45 a.m. He said the friend had trouble contacting the victim and dropped by in person, Gonzales said.

The name of the victim, a white male, has not yet been released.

The death is Bibb County's 26th homicide this year, which is six more than last year.

Nearby neighbor, 74-year-old Jerry Elliott lived on Pharr Avenue for 25 years, but never seen police tape hanging up less than 50 feet from his front door.

"I'll see a police car come down the street, but nothing like this here," says Elliott.

Elliott says that he didn't know victim well, but knowing that he will be gone, leaves him with an eerie feeling.

"It'll make me more aware of what's going on around here," says Elliott.