Employees in Bibb County now have paid family and parental leave.

In a unanimous vote, Bibb commissioners passed an ordinance that will give four weeks of paid time off to mothers, and one week off to fathers and parents who adopt.

Members of the group, Georgia Women (And Those Who Stand With Us) were at the meeting speaking up in support of this ordinance.

Jessica Walden is a part of that group and says she thinks this will encourage people to move to Macon.

“I ended up being a mother who had a baby later in life. I was 37-and-a-half because I just never had the leave policy that was family-friendly, so now the place I live is adopting that and I just hope it spreads like wildfire throughout our county. To private employers and as well as throughout our local governments,” says Walden.

Walden says they plan to continue to advocate for paid maternity leave in other cities, and Houston County is next on their list.

Bibb Co. recognizes deputies for saving a citizen’s life

Two Bibb County deputies were recognized at Tuesday night's commission meeting for saving the life of a citizen.

Deputy Dominique Williams says she was training Deputy Isaac Munguia when they got a call about a possible suicide attempt.

Williams says on the drive over, she talked with Munguia about the rules when responding to suicides, but she says when they arrived on scene, she had to act fast.

“I start running, and I start yelling, ‘No don't do it,’ and he jumps. He just drops, so my first thought was take the pressure of his neck. Take the pressure off his neck, so I grab his legs and I lift up and since Munguia was training with me. I’m thinking to tell him what to do, but as he saw me running he started running behind me didn’t pause at all. Didn’t freak out. Didn’t stop,” says Williams.

Munguia says it was only his second day shadowing, but he says his instincts kicked in and he started helping.

He says that April day changed the way he looks at his job and suicides .

“That's all that was on my mind for everyday cause I don’t know what to expect while being on patrol, so the entire day that's all I was thinking about was that moment. Like I said before it was very emotional,” says Munguia.

Commissioner Scotty Shepherd presented the two officers with plaques for their outstanding service.

Bibb Co. honors man for heroism

A Bibb County army sergeant was also honored at Tuesday night's meeting for an act of heroism.

We reported in May about an elderly woman who died after she and her husband's car crashed and caught on fire on Interstate 75.

Tuesday, Marquel Edwards was recognized for helping pull the couple out of the car.

Edwards says when he got close to the accident, he did get scared and worried about his own safety, but he says that did not stop him.

“I was just a normal citizen riding on the road, and I saw the crash and I noticed it was on fire and my instinct kicked in just to get out and help,” says Edwards.

He says there were also about 5 or 6 other people who got out to help.

Public Forum on proposed 2018 budget

Bibb County held a public forum for people to come out and voice their opinions and thoughts on the proposed 2018 budget.

Representatives from Navicent Health were there asking for the county to keep them in the budget.

The proposed budget currently has $451,000 going to Navicent.

Bibb County’s Operation and Finance Committee will meet on June 13th to potentially vote in committee on the budget.