One Bibb County commissioner is frustrated with last night’s vote to ban alcohol in Rosa Parks Square until a new green space is created.

The new green space would be the area people could hold events that involve alcohol.

Commissioner Gary Bechtel says plans are not in place, and he is not sure where the city will find the money to build it.

Timothy Hogan says that is concerning.

Hogan says he likes to sit on the benches between First and Second on Macon’s Poplar Street.

“See old friends. We'll just come fellowship and talk and enjoy the scenery,” says Hogan.

He says creating a green space there is a great idea, but he is worried about the lack of plans.

“I mean, if you don't have the backing, what can you do?” says Hogan.

Five out of nine Bibb commissioners approved this ordinance to create a green space on Poplar Street, but the only details are that it will be between First and Second Street and designed by the same architect who developed Rosa Parks Square.

However, Schaquetta Stallworth says it is not just the planning that worries her, it is also the funding.

“Don't take it from things that are really important [or] things that need to be done like roads and different communities that really need it. I mean, if there's extra funding, it's fine, but if not, then wait on it,” says Stallworth.

Mayor Robert Reichert says right now, their only option for funding is from SPLOST, but there is currently no money set aside for this project.

Hogan says he still trusts that Reichert will make it happen.

“It's a good thing. Bigger things will happen for the city,” says Hogan.

Reichert mentioned the possibility of removing parking along the side of the park to create a larger green space.