Monday, Bibb County began knocking down nine blighted properties along Wise Avenue to clear the land for a new project. The county is planning a multipurpose field to be built on the property. Breanna Seead and Neco Sandifer live down the street from Wise Avenue and say that they are excited for this field.

“We used to say there’s monsters living in there, and we didn’t want to walk past the houses,” says Seead.

Soon, playing outside could become a lot more spacious and as simple as just walking down the street for the two kids.

“Instead of running halfway, we can run the long way with the football,” says Sandifer.

Bibb County is planning a multipurpose field just down from where the kids live, and Sandifer says it will give him more space to play with his friends.

“I would like to go get my friends, and we could just go set up a game of kickball,” says Seead.

However, before the field can be built, the county has to get the land ready. The county is removing 16 blighted properties along Wise Avenue. The project manager, Clay Murphey, says it will be a two-phase project. The county started on phase one by knocking down the first nine houses Monday. Soon, what used to be vacant houses Murphey says will be a place for people to come and play.

“Soccer, football, lacrosse, ultimate Frisbee, I mean, you can do all things with that,” says Murphey. He says the project also includes restrooms, a concession stand, bleachers, and LED lighting.

“When you drive by Riverside Drive you’ll be able to see the activities on the field, and it’s kind of right at the entrance to downtown, so it’ll be a great chance here,” says Murphey.

He says if there's money left over in the $2 million budget, they are thinking of using turf. All changes that the kids say they are excited about.

“We'll feel safer walking around when the houses aren’t up,”says Seead.

Murphey says the field should be ready by Spring of 2018.