Bibb County commissioners voted on whether or not to override Mayor Robert Reichert's veto on garbage bills today.

The commissioners failed to override Reichert's veto and the people of Bibb County will begin paying garbage bills annually with their property tax bill.

They needed six commissioners to vote "yes" to override the veto, and only five voted in that direction Tuesday evening.

Here's how the Commissioners' votes were split:

Lucas, Jones, Allen, Bivins and Watkins voted "yes" to override the veto.

Bechtel, Schlesinger and Tillman voted "no" to override the veto.

There were eight commissioners present as Commissioner Shepherd did not show.

In August, Reichert vetoed an ordinance in order to make garbage bills annual with plans to make those garbage fees due on March 31, 2018.

Now, that veto is official.