Bibb County has about 1,800 employees, and soon, they could all be required to take CPR training.

Tuesday, Bibb Commissioners could vote on a resolution that would make the training mandatory and require all county buildings to have defibrillators.

Former Macon City Council member Charles Jones says CPR from a county employee saved his life.

“I was on council, and I had a heart attack. He was there and he jumped on me and did CPR on me all the way to the emergency room,” says Jones.

Fire Chief Marvin Riggins happened to be at the meeting and performed CPR. If he had not been there, Jones says it could have been the end.

“When I talk about it, it makes me cry because I wouldn't be here today if it wasn't for Chief Riggins,” says Jones.

Now Commissioner Joe Allen is trying to make sure every Bibb County building has a defibrillator for moments like that.

“They'll be able to come back and teach people. Also, if there is an instance that happens, three minutes can lose someone’s life,” says Allen.

Allen says he also wants to make CPR training mandatory for every county employee.

If it can help one person, Jones says it is worth it.

“I am living proof. I am the living proof that we need it,” says Jones.

Riggins says defibrillators cost about $1,200.

Allen says if the commission passes his idea, the county will look for grants to fund this.