The plan to add downtown parking meters in Macon has now been moved to a future commission agenda. The urban development authority made a presentation on the downtown parking accessibility plan, but several commissioners asked for more details before they vote.

Commissioner Mallory Jones says he would like to have more information on the finances for the project before he votes. Commissioner Elaine Lucas says if there was a stronger enforcement of downtown parking rules that could help solve part of the issue.

Sheriff David Davis says they have two officers in charge of patrolling downtown parking, but he says he agrees that something needs to be done.

“Because of the calls we get at the sheriff’s office about parking, and we could probably do a better job of enforcement and because of this, we're going to sort of tighten up our enforcement efforts and all,” says Davis.

Executive director of the Urban Development Authority, Alex Morrison, says he will be able to get the information commissioners wanted for the next discussion on the plan.