Bibb County has had 20 homicide victims so far in 2017.

That is the same number the county had in all for 2016 had according to the Bibb County Sheriff's Office.

Bibb County Sheriff David Davis says that number is concerning.

“2015 we were down as few as like 13 or 14 homicides, and then we went up to 28,” says Davis.

Even though the 2017 number of homicide victims could become higher than 2016, Davis says that does not mean violence is worse.

He says you cannot compare the number year by year because every case is different.

“The case where our deputy had to shoot the individual out in Lizella earlier this year, that’s still counted as a homicide but its counted as justifiable,” says Davis.

That is why Davis says it is hard to find ways to prevent homicides from happening.

“A lot of homicides we saw this year and this year have been domestic related and it’s very hard in a perfect world if you had a deputy on every street it’s hard to have a deputy in every living room,” says Davis.

But, Davis says there are pockets where more homicides happen.

“Anywhere you have areas of depressed economy lots of people out of work, a lot of times you’re going to find violence in those areas,” says Davis.

He says they try to have more officers patrol those areas, but Davis says they cannot always be there when it happens. That is when he says the depend on witnesses.

“Nobody sees anything. They just hear gun shots ring out a lot, and that’s what we're up against,” says Davis.

Davis says they always ask for any witness to come forward to help them solve these homicides. He says so far this year seven of the 20 homicides are unsolved.