Bibb County spokesman Chris Floore stated at a county commission meeting Tuesday that the county is looking at whether it's possible to move Macon's Confederate monuments.

"As for the monuments, we are currently looking to see if there is a suitable place where the monuments can be relocated," Floore said.

Floore added there is a state law that talks about moving confederate monuments.

He points to 50-3-1 of Georgia Code that says no one, including local government, can "remove or conceal from display" any war memorial, including a Confederate monument.

Once county lawyers have gathered facts on whether the monuments can be moved, county officials will consider whether to do that.

13WMAZ's Mary Grace Shaw approached Macon-Bibb Mayor Robert Reichert about Floore's statement and the mayor responded, "I haven't given that any consideration."

Reichert declined to elaborate and declined to go on camera.

Macon-Bibb Mayor Robert Reichert

In an interview with 13WMAZ in 2015, Reichert said the monuments are about the gallantry of soldiers, not slaves and racism.

"These memorials are to the individual soldiers, their effort and gallantry, courage and heroism, etc," Reichert said. "And to the women and children. There's a monument here at the top of Poplar Street to the women and children who endured so much."

Reichert made those comments in response to former Macon Mayor C. Jack Ellis's call for the county to remove the statues.