The Bibb County Sheriff's Office says the number of recent overdoses is alarming, so they're speeding up training efforts in case they're called to help an overdose victim. Our Yvonne Thomas spoke to Captain David Freeland about the departments new Narcan kits.

“People can overdose on any type of pain pill or any kind of drug,” said Captain Freeland with the Bibb County Sheriff’s Office. But the drug that deputies and investigators want off the streets right now are these fake and deadly Percocet pills. “Our drug unit is hard at work at this point working any angle and tips that have come in on this case.”

But until investigators can find out where these pills are coming from, The Bibb County Sheriff's Office says they've found another way to help. “We have 350 kits total,” said Freeland. Starting next week, deputies and investigators will carry Narcan kits on patrol.

Narcan is the treatment drug that hospitals are using to counteract the effects of opioids and the unknown street drug that circulating in Central Georgia. “Due to the recent incidents that we've had, we decided to speed up the training a little bit sooner that what we were going to do,” said Freeland.

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Captain David Freeland says the sheriff's office planned to get the drug months ago.

The department received a grant through the Medical Association of Georgia Foundation. Now, deputies and investigators have 350 nasal spray kits available. Freeland says the department decided to get Narcan kits months ago. They received a $14,000 grant from the Medical Association of Georgia Foundation.

Each box has two nasal sprays, gloves, and steps explaining how to administer the drug.

"Maybe we are the first ones to get that call before EMS or the fire department, so when we get on scene, we not only have the knowledge to help, but we have the equipment to do it. We're not waiting for EMS to arrive we'll have it ourselves.

Freeland says the Drug Task Force unit and deputies will be participate in a training session Monday. According to the Medical Association of Georgia, outside of Bibb, the closest counties where law enforcement carries Narcan kits are Sumter and Jasper Counties.