Bibb commissioners are discussing raising county sales tax 2 cents by adding two new Special Local Option Sales Taxes - one for transportation, T-SPLOST, and one for other county projects, O-LOST.

If both of those new sales taxes take effect, people would pay 9 cents on every dollar for most retail items, meals and other items. Right now, people pay 7 cents.

Rosemary Billins Sanders says she has lived in Bibb County for more than 40 years.

“Kind of putting a burden on me because I’m on a fixed income,” says Sanders.

Between property taxes going up and an annual garbage bill, she says the county is making a lot of changes that are hurting her pocketbook.

“That's too much for one person to handle. It’s very difficult. You have to squeeze your money real tight in order to make it,” says Sanders.

She says she started thinking of ways to make sure she could pay her bills when she heard the county may raise sales taxes 2 cents.

“It doesn't seem like much, but it adds up,” says Sanders.

Commissioner Larry Schlesinger says in order to make a lot of improvements in the county, they need these other taxes to generate funding.

“T-SPLOST gives us a bucket of funding that we can use as a region in order to make projects go that we can’t just afford from our general budget,” says Schlesinger.

Laura Mathis from the Middle Georgia Regional Commission says a 1-cent transportation sales tax would generate about $500,000 for transportation projects in 11 counties over 10 years.

Mathis says it would also generate an additional $33 million for transportation projects just in Bibb County over those 10 years. She says it would be up to Bibb County to decide how to spend that funding.

Mathis says there will be meeting on Wednesday where representatives from the region are scheduled to vote on adding the transportation sales tax to the May 2018 ballot and approve the list of projects. She says they are just presenting the project ideas to the commission Tuesday.

Sanders says if it means changes can be made to the roads in her community, she supports the T-SPLOST, but she says she hopes they do not approve the other sales tax. Sanders says that on top of the T-SPLOST is just too much.

Bibb Commissioners could also vote on moving towards the O-LOST at their meeting on Tuesday.