Bibb County garbage bills become annual

People in Bibb County will now pay garbage bills annually as a part of their property tax bill.

Bibb commissioners approved this change at Tuesday night's meeting with a five to three vote. People will receive the first annual bill of $300 on October 1, but people who fall below the federal poverty line and senior citizens can still opt to pay quarterly.

The resolution did previously state that people's garbage bills would go up $2 per month, but the county changed that and this ordinance left the fee at $20 a month.

Bibb Commissioners debate on non-discrimination in public accommodations

Bibb County commissioners were divided when it came to voting on a resolution that would allow the county to support a Senate bill that deals with equality.

After a four to four vote, Mayor Robert Reichert broke the divide voting yes in support of Senate Bill 119. The bill prohibits discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity in public accommodations.

Commissioner Mallory Jones voted "no" because he says this goes against the county's public values and public safety.

“In our schools where this same person with gender identity proclaims he’s a female, and he wants to take a shower with the girls on the girls’ basketball team in our schools, that’s just wrong, and that’s going way beyond making it a civil right, in my opinion,” says Jones.

Mayor Reichert stood by his vote saying he feels that switching to something like unisex bathrooms is not a big problem.

“We can’t afford to be small and petty especially over a small petty issue like which restroom do you use because more and more, we're going to individual stalls,” says Reichert.

This resolution also approved a march on Saturday for people to show support for this bill.

Bike and pedestrian corridor coming to Walnut Street

People in Macon’s Pleasant Hill neighborhood will soon have safer access to businesses downtown.

Bibb commissioners approved a grant that will build a new bike and pedestrian corridor along Walnut Street. The Director of the Urban Development Authority, Alex Morrison, says this $90,000 project will give people in Pleasant Hill a way to walk or bike to jobs downtown. Morrison says currently there are some spots along that path where people have to walk on the road, but he says this plan will fix that.

“Taking the very wide area that is on Walnut Street now and clarifying some of the traffic lanes. Making them a little bit narrower so that we can stripe bike lanes some parallel parking on the corridor,” says Morrison.

Morrison says the project should be complete some time in the fall.

Renovations coming to Henry Burns Park

More than $700,000 worth of renovations will soon be coming to Macon's Henry Burns Park.

Bibb Commissioners approved the SPLOST-funded project at Tuesday night’s meeting. The renovations include two new playgrounds along with resurfacing the tennis court.

Commissioner Mallory Jones says the park's flooding issue will be the main problem fixed by adding retaining walls. He also says this park will also be made handicap-accessible.