About 30 people gathered at a public hearing on a 3 mill property tax increase for Macon-Bibb County residents Tuesday evening.

Several people spoke up against the change, wanting to know where the money is going. Residents agree that public safety needs more funding, but are worried about other projects like putting splash pads in parks.

Macon resident Carl Fletcher voiced his opinion about the property tax increase, saying, "It's like a family. Sometimes you just have to do without stuff."

Commissioner Mallory Jones said that an annual garbage bill on top of a 3 mill increase to property taxes would be "devastating" to Macon-Bibb.

"The seniors who paid off their mortgage maybe five years ago, they're on a fixed income, maybe some of these people out there tonight, so now they got to pay the property tax bill and an additional $300 for the garbage tax bill at the same time. We are discouraging people and businesses from remaining in Macon-Bibb County," said Jones.

Commissioner Elaine Lucas is also in favor of repealing an annual garbage bill.

"The worst thing to do would be to sit here and continue with a mistake," Lucas said.

The final hearing is Friday at 6 p.m. Commissioners will vote on the change Friday at 7 p.m.