Thursday evening, Bibb County deputies walked the streets listening to concerns while hoping to create a strong bond with the community.

The fifth "Safety Walk" this year started on Beech Street and segued to Pansy and Grosso Avenue.

Gabrielle Dawkins walked with deputies along the street and captured a few responses of residents.

"All the gunshots and killing all of the people dying. We need more safety," says Macon Native, Almega Brown.

72-year-old Eloise Harris moved to Beech Avenue 40 years ago because it was quiet, but now she says it's changed.

"It used to be a very quiet community, but it's changing as the years go by," says Harris. "Last night, it was two gunshots. You can't sleep through that," says Harris.

Those gunshots remind her of losing her 15-year-old son to gun violence.

"You don't get past this," says Harris. "You can't get past this, it changes your life."

Harris's story is just one of many reasons Sheriff David Davis along with Bibb County Deputies hosted their Safety Walk.

They started the walk in front of Winship Elementary School on Beech Avenue, the same location where deputies found 16-year-old Javon Sherman, shot and killed last Friday.

"It's to let the neighbors and the community and this neighborhood know that we're here for them, if they have any concerns that they have with what's going on in their street, we try to address those," says Davis.

"It helps build that rapport, It helps build that relationship," says Davis.

Ultimately, both the neighbors and deputies want a safer community.

"They need to find some type of solution," says Harris.

Sheriff David Davis says they want to continue those walks to help build a bond in Macon communities.