Mayor Robert Reichert is asking county commissioners to approve financial settlements to two county employees who were fired in 2015.

According to county documents, Orville Lee Stringer and Larry Dunning were fired July 10, 2015.

County spokesman Chris Floore said both men worked in Bibb's Solid Waste Department, overseeing operation of the landfill. They were fired after the county landfill failed state inspections.

County documents say both Stringer and Dunning alleged wrongful termination and denied all allegations, but Pope Langstaff, a hearing officer and former Macon city attorney, ruled in favor of Stringer and Dunning.

Tuesday, Bibb Commissioners voted to execute a general release and pay both Stringer and Dunning a full year's settlement.

Dunning will be awarded $63,856 gross pay, and Stringer will be awarded $38,334.40 gross pay.