We are continuing coverage on the projected $4 million deficit a Bibb County financial advisor told commissioners about Tuesday.

We sat down with county officials to learn more about why this is happening and what they are doing to fix it.

Bibb Commissioner Virgil Watkins says he was shocked when he found out the county could have another deficit in 2018.

“The number is much higher than we want it to be,” says Watkins.

He says the county's last audit from 2016 showed an $8 million deficit, so he says they have been hard at work trying to make sure this budget is balanced.

“We as a mayor and a commission as a legislative body understand that if we don't make changes, bad things are going to happen,” says Watkins.

Despite the county's projected deficit, he says just the fact that they already knows that shows they are trying to make improvements.

“Because this is one of the first times in the last couple years that we had a quarterly report, and it’s giving us an opportunity early to mitigate this issues that could be of concern,” says Watkins.

But Mayor Robert Reichert says they are still spending more than they should in certain areas which means they will have to look at additional changes.

“A hiring freeze is one of those quick easy things you do. You just say don’t hire any replacements,” says Reichert.

Reichert says they would have to discuss those changes as a commission.

Virgil says he would not like to see something like that happen, but he says he understands it may be necessary.