The Macon-Bibb County Emergency Management Agency says Wednesday's storms are supposed to be more severe and for a longer duration than the severe weather on Monday. EMA Director Spencer Hawkins warned Bibb Commissioners at Tuesday's meeting about three rounds of storms projected for Wednesday. Hawkins says one of the storms could include tornadoes that could be on the ground for miles.

Starting around 10 a.m. until 11 p.m., Hawkins says people need to prepare and stay safe.

“Everyone should have a shelter in place, location at their work and at their home, because we're looking at this from the morning until the evening both home and work need to be covered. We're looking at interior rooms on the ground floor with either few windows or no windows,” says Hawkins.

Hawkins says to download their emergency alert system MBCAlerts, and you can always stay updated with the 13WMAZ app.


New group could manage Bowden Golf Course

Bibb County is putting out a bid for a new group to come in and help manage Bowden Golf Course.

Commissioners voted on looking into other options to help save money. Commissioner Larry Schlesinger says he thinks this will help move the historic course in a good direction.

Right now, there are eight employees at the golf course. Schlesinger says bringing in a new group does not mean those people will lose their jobs.

“We’re not looking to put anybody out of a job. That’s for sure. We just really think that there are management ideas out there that we're not thinking about, and it never hurts to go out and ask some of those questions,” says Hawkins.

The county still has to compare bids before they decide what direction they want to move with.

Lizella Recreation Project is put on hold

Bibb commissioners pumped the brakes on a new recreation project for Lizella.

At last Tuesday's committee meeting, commissioners voted to move forward with the more than $400,000 SPLOST project. However, at Tuesday night’s pre-commission meeting, they decided to table the ordinance. They said they felt they did not know enough details because the commissioner of Lizella, Joe Allen, is out of town.

The commission says they will look at it again when he returns.

Cleaner streets could come to downtown Macon

New trash and recycling cans are coming to downtown Macon. Bibb commissioners approved a downtown challenge grant that the Keep Macon-Bibb Beautiful Commission received.

The Urban Development Authority will match the $45,000 grant as a part of the first downtown consistent trash plan.

The Director of the Authority, Alex Morrison, says the plan is to add at least three cans to each block of cherry street.

“We want to make it as easy as possible for people not to litter and to have the opportunity to recycle, so it’s all a part of making our downtown as clean and safe as possible and to make sure we're addressing streetscape elements as well,” says Morrison.

Morrison says right now the plan is only for Cherry Street, but they plan to do implement more streets as they get more funding.