Downtown Macon could become cleaner thanks to a grant the keep Macon-Bibb Beautiful Commission received. Tuesday, Bibb Commissioners will vote on a resolution that would use $45,000 from the grant and $45,000 from the Urban Development Authority to put in new litter cans and for the first time recycling cans.

For Stevie Bryant, walking through litter is just a part of his job.

“You pick up a can, piece of paper here and there,” says Bryant. He says he does it so others do not have to.

“But the biggest of the problems is the cigarette, but as you can see all around through here and back up over there,” says Bryant. He says something needs to be done to help keep downtown streets cleaner.

“They come out on their break and smoke. They just smoke real quick drop it and keep going,” says Bryant.

However, he is not the only one noticing this problem.

“They take them and throw them in the flower pots and things downtown,” says Amanda Chester.

Chester says she picks up litter daily outside of her downtown apartment.

“Macon is a pretty town a historic town, so why do we have to litter it up,” says Chester.

That is why Alex Morrison says the Urban Development Authority is teaming up with the Keep Macon-Bibb Beautiful Commission to put in the first consistent trash plan in downtown Macon.

“It's creating a common containerization plan for litter containers and adding on street recycling,” says Morrison. He says the $90,000 plan will add at least three cans to each block on Cherry Street. He says by adding more cans and planning, they hope to make it as easy as possible for people to not litter.

“You want to make sure they can see, 'OK, that's where I throw away my trash. That's where I do recycling,'” says Morrison.

A plan that both Chester and Bryant say is a step in a clean direction.

“It would make it a whole lot easier, I think, if they put something out,” says Bryant.

Morrison says they are planning to do the same to other downtown streets as they get more funding. He says if approved at Tuesday's meeting, the cans should be there in the next few months.