Mayor Robert Reichert got emotional talking about the future of Bibb County Thursday at his “State of the Community” luncheon. Hundreds of people from the county gathered at the Macon Centreplex to listen to the Mayor share his thoughts on the direction of Macon. Andrew Eck was there and says Macon is continually growing.

People from all over Macon showing support for Bibb County Mayor Robert Reichert.

“A city is not loved because it is great, a city becomes great because it is loved,” says Reichert. He talked about his vision for Macon, a future that Reichert says cannot depend on just the county's location.

“We must attract tomorrow's talented workforce to our community, and we can,” says Reichert. He says that talent is in the millennial generation.

“Not only to fill existing jobs, but also to establish the entrepreneurial atmosphere in which new jobs are born,” says Reichert.

Among those in the crowd was Andrew Eck.

“It reaffirmed a lot of the stuff that I’m involved in, so it’s good to see that the city is on track with that,” says Eck. He has been an entrepreneur in Macon for the past three years. He says the county is growing, so much so that now he says people he knows from Mercer are wanting to stay and work in Macon.

“The lucky ones are the ones who get to stay in Macon which it has turned, has changed completely in the last five years,” says Eck.

Reichert also addressed the county's $8 million deficit. He says they are working hard to find solutions.