One Porter Elementary School pre-K student joined an elite club of students at the school -- the Millionaire club.

That means that Molly Kate Goggans read one million words so far this year.

Porter principal Cami Hamlin says she’s been doing the millionaire club for more than 20 years, but has never had a pre-K student earn it.

Mary Kate’s mom Melinda is a teacher at Porter.

She says Mary Kate started reading on her own when she was three.

“She’s always been a precocious reader which is pretty neat when you’re a teacher and a reading specialist,” Goggans said. “It’s pretty awesome for your kid to love reading but 1,000,000 words is just amazing. We only have 5 kids at our school that have done that and so for her to be in Pre-K and for her to have accomplished it this year it is pretty phenomenal and I’m really proud of her.”

Molly Kate says she just loves reading anything.

“All the books they get in my imagination kind of and the imagination thinks about them and they think they are really good,” Mary Kate said.

Her favorite books are the Ramona series by Beverly Cleary.