The Bibb County Robotics Team and Sandman the Robot are preparing for their next big step.

The team is headed to the World Championship, but they need your help.

Our Yvonne Thomas spoke to the high schoolers about what it takes to win a national title.

Team RoboBibb says they've been called the underdog in competitions.

“We barely made it to state last year, and the year before we didn't even get anywhere near state,” said Keely Testa.

This season the team brought home the gold.

“I had an idea that we were a pretty good team, but I was just hoping that we would qualify for world. That's what everyone wanted,” said Carol Pyon.

But with a first place title, the team is gearing up for the world competition in Houston, Texas.

“Everyone was like ‘Wooooohoooo,’ and we were cheering. It was insane,” said Testa.

The team says they have a winning strategy in mind.

“Defense matters a lot because there will be teams like us that can score a lot of points really fast then you need to shut that down especially if you're not scoring that fast,” said Thomas Perez.

But before they can take on the teams in Houston, there's another obstacle that standing in their way.

“Our biggest challenge right now is raising the money from donors and sponsors. It cost a lot of money to go to World,” said Testa.

These students say they’re hoping the community will support them.

“I'd like to thank our mentors -- everyone on the team. We've all put in a lot of work to get to where we are,” said Nicholas Walker.

Now they’re asking for your help so they can bring home another blue ribbon finish.

In order to get there, they need around $20,000. You can donate to their GoFundMe here.