The Bibb School Board and County officials discussed safety options for students who walk to school. This comes after a crossing guard was hit by a car last month near Ingram Pye Elementary school. The school board met with the county's engineering and traffic department and came up with a new plan. Yvonne Thomas has the latest on the recommendation.

With only a few days left in the school year, crossing guard Vanessa Howard is still asking drivers to slow down in her school zone. “It's been OK, but they're still speeding,” said Howard.

But ever since her co-worker, Connie Hamid, was hit by a car while walking kids across the street, Howard's asking Bibb Schools for crosswalks. “The best I can ask for is that they get the crosswalks or something out here for the safety of the kids,” said Howard.

The Bibb County School District is looking at two options to make this road safer for students to cross the street. Option number one is to add two crosswalks, one on each end of the school. The second option is to add only one crosswalk right in the middle of Anthony Road. “We actually prefer to have two because you have kids from both ends and if you put just one down here, I don’t think the kids at the top will walk all the way down here just to cross,” said Howard.

Bibb Schools Director of Safety David Gowan says the school board agrees and wants the county to add two crosswalks instead of one. “As a school district, we just felt like that was the best option,” said Gowan.

The board is also asking to widen the school zone to Ballard Drive and Felton Avenue to give drivers more warning to slow down before they approach the crosswalks. “It provides a wider protection zone for as far as lowering the traffic speed through that zone,” said Gowan.

Gowan says the school board can only make recommendations to the county about adding the crosswalks and widening the school zone. It's now up to the Bibb County Commissioners to approve the plan. If the plan is approved, Gowan says we could see the new crosswalks and road signs in that area by this August.