Each morning, thousands of Bibb County students ride buses to school, but for the past three days, at least a dozen elementary students were left behind. That's because their bus to Veterans Elementary was late. Yvonne Thomas met a concerned parent at the bus stop Wednesday morning.

“It's supposed to be a bus out there,” said parent Tarsha Hanfield, but for the last three school days, the school bus is tardy for school. “They sit here, my daughter and about 13 other students, sit here and waits for the bus. But the bus doesn't show up,” said Hanfield.

Hanifield says, she recorded this video of a bus arriving nearly an hour after students should be in class at Veterans Elementary. “There have been several times when me and other parents had to get together and take some kids to school and come back and take the other kids,” said Hanfield.

With no notice from the school board and no explanation as to why the bus is behind schedule, Tarsha says her daughter Carneisia is counted tardy or absent and she's missing out on class time. “It's just ridiculous,” said Hanfield.

“It all started when the normal driver had a death in the family and couldn't report to work,” said Bibb Schools Chief of Staff Keith Simmons. Simmons says to quickly make up for the loss, supervisors added extra routes to a substitute drivers schedule, but the schedules overlapped. “In hindsight, we can do some things differently moving forward. We can take this unfortunate incident and get better and make sure that kids in other school zones, especially this kids, won't experience that again,” said Simmons.

The board added another bus driver and split the route in half so students can hit the road on time, ready to learn.

Simmons says if there's a problem on your student's bus or with the bus schedule, call the Board of Education and let them know. Here's another tool that Bibb parents can use. You can download the MY STOP app on your smartphone to track where your student's bus is during the daily routes.