Bibb Schools Superintendent Curtis Jones shared his bonus incentive idea with the school board during a budget workshop Tuesday evening.

He says all full-time employees would eligible for a bonus up to 2 percent of their salary.

“Were already above the state minimum for teachers. We did that last year when this board graciously decided to do a 3 percent pay raise this year,” Jones said. “The governor said he would like to do 2 percent, we are going to take that 2 percent and let it become part of this pay for performance plan.”

Employees will take home the bonus if the district as a whole meets certain goals.

Things to be evaluated include increasing reading levels, staff attendance, and monthly teacher and administrator evaluations.

Jones says all employees including bus drivers, custodians, and teachers can all help encourage students to be successful.

He hopes this is an incentive employee’ countywide will work to earn.

“If we can demonstrate by grade level that students are doing better next year than they did this year, then they’ll earn a part of that bonus,” Jones said. “We all need to be focused on students and be doing the best we can, and this allows everyone to participate equally.”

Jones says everyone in the district will get the same percent bonus between 0 and 2 percent if it's earned, but the incentive could change in future years.

“At this time, it’s for 2 percent,” Jones said. “Next year, the board could decide to make it 3 percent or they could make it 0 depending on what available in the budget. It’s what we will be able to accommodate because this is above what the state has told us what we need to pay.”

He hopes this small incentive, will have a big impact on student success.

The board also discussed adding 31 teaching positions to reduce class sizes in the district. They also want to hire 22 medical technicians for the elementary schools to take care of medical needs in addition to nurses that rotate.