Teachers played a vital role in all of our lives growing up.

In special education classrooms, the relationship between student and teacher can be even more important, but right now, some Bibb special education classrooms are without a permanent teacher.

“I just wanted to be around that environment, the positivity, and just the love for life -- that’s my draw to these kids,” Julie Allen said.

She teaches exceptional children, more commonly known as "special education," at Howard High.

“They have IEPs, or individual goals, that we work on all of the time,” Allen said. “Social skills, life skills, academics, so we work on everything from reading, to one day being able to work out in the community.”

The Bibb County School District is looking for more people like Allen. They urgently need to fill three special ed vacancies throughout the district.

“Especially in the area of special ed, they are just not going into the program as much, so it makes hiring and recruiting a little more difficult,” Melanique Floyd with the district's Human Resources department said.

She says finding candidates in the middle of the year can be even harder, but they are determined to get substitutes out and permanent teachers in.