For weeks, high schoolers have spent time sharpening their minds for the SAT. The Bibb County School District wanted to give students one less thing to think about by paying for each senior's exam.

It's a last-minute prep session before taking a big exam. Northeast High School seniors say there's a lot on their minds. “You try to get a good night sleep, eat a good breakfast,” said Jonathan Diaz, senior.

But senior Breyauna Hopkins says there is one thing she didn't think twice about. “It really helps to take the test for free at school,” said Hopkins.

There's no registration fee or paperwork needed. It's the second year in a row that Bibb Schools covered the SAT costs for more than 1,200 seniors through a district grant called GEAR UP. “What we want to do for students is make them college and career ready, and this is one way that we can do that,” said Floyd Jolley, Executive Director of Teaching and Learning.

Not only will students take the test at no cost, they're using classroom learning time to do so. “The first time I took it, I was kind of nervous. I had to take it at Mercer,” said Diaz.

Senior Jonathan Diaz says taking the test inside in a familiar environment is more relaxing, and he believes it provides and equal opportunity for every student. “Most of our students don't know how to register for the test. In this case, our seniors can all take it together,” said Diaz.

And because test day is on a school day, Jolley says transportation isn't a huge issue. “Normally when you take the exam on the weekend, it's at a testing site and students have to worry about how they're going to get there,” said Jolley.

And with all the major logistics out of the way, students can just focus on doing their best, thinking on opportunities that await them. “Just study, think critically, and don't second-guess yourself,” said senior Thavis Rouse.

Seniors weren't the only one testing Wednesday. Jolley says all Bibb sophomores took the PSAT as well.