The Bibb Sheriff's Office says 58-year-old Randy Epps was tailgating a car driven by William Hollingsworth Tuesday on Eisenhower Parkway.

The two drivers exchanged words at a stoplight, and the sheriff's office says Epps pointed his gun at Hollingsworth, then verbally threatened him.

They say Hollingsworth then fired several shots, killing Epps.

Colonel Aubrey Evins with the Bibb Sheriff's Office says the best thing to do is try and remove yourself from a situation like that.

He says whether deadly force is justified in self defense depends on the circumstances.

"If you're being robbed of your personal items, then it's the possibility that they have the right to protect yourself," Evins said. "If someone approaches you and they have a gun and it's just in holster, and there's not a threat and he's not making threats against you, then I advise you not to use force."

Evins says if you find yourself in a situation with an aggressive driver you do have some options.

"Either dial 911 or stop," Evins said. "If the person that's behind you keeps going, then wait and do a report on it, try to get a tag number, and just don't roll down the window, and definitely don't get out of the car,"

"The sheriff's office says they're still investigating the case and whether deadly force was justified.

Hollingsworth has not been charged. District attorney David Cooke will review the case and decide whether to bring charges.