Bibb superintendent Curtis Jones signed a new contract at a called board meeting Tuesday night.

His current contract for $210,000 goes until April 5, 2018. The contract he signed Tuesday will go into effect April 6, 2018. The new contract keeps him in Bibb until April 5, 2021. In his new, contract he will get a $10,000 raise making his new salary $220,000 a year.

The board also voted to amend his current contact starting June 1, 2017. The amendment allows him to start earning his new $220,000 salary then.

Jones says he believes this was the board's way of showing him they like the results they've seen so far.

"I'm happy the board is pleased with the direction the system is moving," Jones said. "I think we've worked very hard over the last two years and I think it's starting to show."

He will also get an $800 a month budget for in county travel. The district will also purchase and pay for a $1,000,000 life insurance policy for Jones.