If you frequent downtown Macon, chances are you've seen Billy King methodically peddling his trike up and down the sidewalks.

We told you about him in January after his three-wheel bike was stolen for a fifth time.

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It was a story that we brought to you Straight from the Heart after learning that radio station The Creek 100.9 FM raised $400 to get King a new trike.

Well - it was stolen again this week.

Billy - who is disabled - keeps the bike chained outside of the Rookery restaurant. He lives in the Dempsey Apartments.

As he was leaving his apartment to ride to work at H&H restaurant Wednesday morning, a neighbor stopped him in the hallway and asked, "Billy, where's your bike?"

He responded, "I'm going to get it now."

The neighbor quipped, "You better go check."

The bike was gone. The only thing the thief left was the chain draped over the fence that the bike was secured to. The padlock was cut and on the ground.

"Everybody is asking why I don't take it into the building," King said adding that the walls are too narrow in the apartment complex. "The back tires make it too wide."

At about $350 to $400 a pop, it's difficult for King to just go out and buy another trike, his only mode of transportation.

"It's hard on me," he said.