Bike Walk Macon hosted it's second Open Streets Macon.

On Sunday afternoon, they shut down a mile and a half long stretch of road to vehicles and opened it up as a pedestrian friendly space.

There was a number of events like a bike parade, yoga, and more than 40 different activities for the community to join in on.

Executive director of Bike Walk Macon, Rachel Hollar, says that this is a popular event taking place in more than 200 other cities across the world at different times.

“Our ultimate vision for Open Streets Macon is to give people a vision of what our streets could be not only funded and designed for cars, but to show people that this is your street. To come out, meet your neighbors, participate in different physical activities and also just access the things our community has to offer,” said Hollar.

They are planning to host another Open Streets Macon, but no date has been set yet.