In May, Macon County Firefighter Darrell Plank died from severe head injuries while responding to a house fire leaving behind his wife and five children.

Plank's death lit a fire in a group of Central Georgia bikers to help give back.

The Red Knights Motorcycle Club is made up of retired and current firemen and women.

Vice president Joe LeMaster says Plank's death lit a fire inside each of them to help the family Plank left behind.

"We would hope that if it happened to one of us that people would take care of our family as well and take care of us and you know that's part of being a firefighter," LeMaster said.

More than 50 people showed up to enjoy the ride and "rev" up some money for Plank's wife and five kids.

They rode from Perry to Macon County Fire Department Station 6 -- the place Plank called his home away from home for 12 years.

Volunteer firefighter Laban Yoder worked side by side with Darrell for more than a decade and says even though time has passed, the pain of his fallen brother still remains.

"You get to realizing he's not going to be at calls, he's not going to be at drills, and those kinds of things is when it really hits you that he's no longer here," Yoder said.

He says the amount of support that's drifted in opened his eyes to how strong the bond between firefighters really is and how much one man can touch the lives of many.

Yoder says Plank had a heart of gold and nerves of steel, even when a day on the job really started heating up.

"But he was always back for the next run, he was just a great guy to be around," he said.

They keep his uniform at the station saying Plank may have fallen, but he will never be forgotten.

"As a fire department, we can fill that spot, but the kind of character he brought and the kind of guy he was... he will be missed and we can never fill that spot," Yoder said.

LeMaster says each biker paid $20 to be a part of the ride, and they had hopes to raise $2,500 for Plank’s family.

They were able to not only meet that goal, but they tripled it.

The Red Knights presented the Plank family with about $7,500 to help them get back on their feet.