You may remember in May, Macon County Firefighter Darrell Plank died from severe head injuries while responding to a house fire. He leaves behind a wife and five children. His death hit home for a group of Central Georgia bikers. Our Yvonne Thomas shares how they're riding out to honor his memory and help his family.

Hopping on the back of a motorcycle can feel like a total rush. “It's exciting, it's invigorating,” said Michael Eades. “They want that adrenaline rush every day, and for some guys, that's their fix.”

It's a way for some local firefighters to shred some stress, and for the Red Knights Bikers, the 40-mile ride to Macon County this weekend has a deeper meaning. “We're gonna have a benefit ride for Firefighter Darrell Plank, who lost his life in a fire accident,” said Joe LeMaster, Vice President for Red Knights Chapter 26.

Firefighter and biker Michael Eades says Plank's death really hit home. “It could have been anyone of us. We just need to help out in any way we can,” said Eades.

It's $20 per rider, and the cost for a plate of barbecue, but every dollar spent will support the Plank family in their time of need. “It’s nice to give back to the community and do something that I love as well,” said LeMaster.

And every mile they travel will be in honor of their brother. “I would hope that anybody would do the same for us,” said Eades.

The benefit ride starts in two places, The Brannen Outfitters in Perry and the Red Knights Club House in Oglethorpe. Registration starts at 9:30 a.m. this Saturday. The ride will end at the Macon County Fire Department Station 6 where Firefighter Darrell Plank gave 12 years of volunteer service.