Beaufort Sawyer is 90 years old and loves to share stories.

“When I was coming along, we didn’t have electricity,” Sawyer said.

His latest tale, four days in the dark at his home in Cochran after Irma rolled through town.

“That’s not something that’s really happened before,” Sawyer said.

He’s managed to get by with a few Dr. Peppers and some chocolate milk -- a small sacrifice, unlike many others for those who lost so much.

“The discomfort I have because of the storm is not even worth talking about in comparison,” Sawyer said.

Out in the county, Shelia Evans says life without lights isn’t easy, especially raising four kids.

“Not being able to cook, having to go out to eat, it just gets real expensive,” Evans said. “Especially having to drive them back and forth somewhere to take showers and getting stuff ready for school in the dark in the mornings.”

She had to toss out a fridge full of food, too.

“My milk, my eggs, leftovers and stuff we could have ate on this week, stuff like that, we had to throw out,” Evans said.

Sawyer had to do the same, but luckily for him, his story wasn't over. The power came on in the middle of our interview with him.

After a few days, he’s thankful for the characters in this story who helped him get through it.

“Family did what they ought to do for people, they ought to help people, and they have been wonderful,” Sawyer said.

It’s a tale of survival he'll continue to share.