Jacob and Tucker know trees like the back of their hands. The two competed in the FFA nationals this past weekend.

Their team was tasked with taking measurements of forestry, identifying trees, and coming up with business strategies.

Even with countless hours spent practicing and mastering skills, team member Jacob Smith still couldn't help but be nervous about the outcome.

"We didn't hear none of our names called," Smith says, "We felt like we did pretty good, but we didn't hear any of our names called, so we was gettin' kinda worried."

It was a worry that turned into a win at FFA Nationals in Indiana last weekend, and a win that was no surprise to advisor, Doyle Floyd.

"I really don't want to sound conceited, but I really wasn't expecting anything other than a win," Floyd says.

Floyd, a competitor in hundreds of competitions, bringing home tubs full of hardware, has been working toward the national title for decades.

A title that came just in time.

"I told them, 'This is probably gonna be my last shot, so it's up to y'all,' and they did it."

Not only did they win, but they won by a landslide. Last year, the difference between first and second was only three points. This year? 141!

All four team members placed in the top ten individually, taking seventh, first, second, and third.