Thousands of the best riders in the world are saddling up for the Grand National and World Championship Morgan Horse Show in Oklahoma City.

Nicole Butler spoke with 17-year-old Alisa Siebenmorgan, of Bolingbroke, who has made the cut and is going for the gold.

Alisa Siebenmorgan isn't hitting the hay anytime soon.

At 17-years-old, this is her second trip to the World's Horse Show, and she's training hard to come back better than ever.

"It's really a feeling like no other. You get chills," Siebenmorgan said.

So with lucky horseshoes on, she saddles up, ready for another day of practice with her horse, Luke, but it doesn't come without some challenges.

Luke is quite the show pony.

"He gets so caught up in working on his job. He absolutely doesn't want to walk. It's almost like, 'I'm showing you what I've got. Let's see what more I can give you,'" Siebenmorgan said.

They will be judged on Luke's footwork and how well the two work and look together.

"We joke and we say that he's no textbook horse. I have to be able to think on my feet and make sure that he's there and he's with me," Siebenmorgan says.

She didn't just qualify with one, but two horses in different divisions.

Where Luke is more of a show horse, Fabio loves showing off his tricks.

She isn't horsing around when it comes to showing Fabio isn't just a one-trick pony.

"He's nervous outside of the arena, but as soon as he gets in there, he wants to show off, and it's absolutely breathtaking," she said.

Perfecting Fabio's 360 box, ground pole, and even teeter totter, but her coach, Renee Jones says one thing sets them apart -- their confidence.

"They work hard for what they get. I think he knows his job, she knows her job, and they go in there like it's their ring and they have a job to do," Jones said.

Siebenmorgan ranked in the top 10 last year, but says this year she's seeing gold.

Siebenmorgan is continuing to train every day at Morgan View Farms to make sure her horses are show circle-ready.

She will be heading to Oklahoma on October 7 for the weeklong competition.