The holidays are upon us, but between presents and decorations, they can take a pretty heavy toll financially.

But one Bonaire man who is wanting to relieve some of that financial stress is selling Christmas trees for just $10.

It's not uncommon to see Christmas trees going for over $30 or much more.

Jerry Carpenter says he's changing that since he knows what it's like to pull off the holidays on a budget.

"We don't have all these luxuries they have now. All we got for Christmas back then…we might get an apple and an orange. We'd pick up pecans and take them to town and sell them, that's all the money we had," said Carpenter.

There’s one thing he always looked forward to getting.

"All year long we'd be looking for a tree and then come Christmastime, we remembered where it was at, so we'd go back and cut it," Carpenter said.

Now he's inviting others to do the same for a fraction of the cost.

Every tree is $10. Yes, that includes everything from Charlie Brown-sized trees to some over 12-feet-tall.

The best reactions have come from the kids.

"They love it out here. They are running around from tree to tree, they are looking everywhere. I like this one, no I want this one," Carpenter said.

While some trees look perfect, others come with some character.

"It's not fully balanced like it should be, but if you put it against the wall or in the corner, you wouldn't know the difference," he said with a laugh.

Carpenter says to some, these trees may not may the cut, but to others, it will mean the world.

"People who are on a budget that don't have much money… they are welcome to come out here and pick them out a tree like I said. If they don't have $10, I'll give them a tree," he said.

Carpenter says he's not expecting to make much of a profit, he's just doing it as a hobby to spread some Christmas cheer to those who need it most.

You can find him at 51 Play Golf Drive in Bonaire.