For many students in Central Georgia, the school year is almost over. While many students are looking forward to their summer vacations, one organization wants to help them learn all year round. A non-profit named Book 'Em is giving away nearly 2,000 books to students at Brookdale Elementary.

Students like 3rd graders Elyssa Wimbush and Sha'Nya Griffin stormed the aisles... looking for something to read. “I have Stink and the Most Stinky-Stink Sneakers,” said Griffin. “I love reading,” said Wimbush. “My mom used to read to me when I was in her stomach.”

And the books they pick up today are theirs to keep and read over the summer. “Some students may not have more access to the library as others do. We thought we'd bring some books to them and we think it's important for kids to pick up books that are interesting to them,” said Executive Director of Book ‘Em, Katie Powers.

From movie inspired paperbacks, to award winning best sellers. There's more than 2,000 free books for students to choose from, so they won't forget what they learned in class. “It’s a phenomenon called summer slide,” said Powers. “That happens when students leave for the summer and they're not reading at home as much.”

Some say keeping students on task is not just the teacher’s or the parent’s responsibility. For Bibb Deputies like Santel Smith, they say that's their focus, too. “This is the reason why I put on my badge every morning,” said Deputy Smith. “During the summer time, I always say an idle mind can get into some trouble. So it’s all about making sure that the are prepared and they can read.”

Because the idea is, if you ‘book 'em’ now these deputies won't be booking them later. Each student to Brookdale will keep five free new books for the summer. To learn more about the program, click this link.