A Macon organization provides resources for families affected by breast cancer. For over nine years, United in Pink has helped more than 500 breast cancer survivors and relatives with a weeklong summer camp.

Director Laura Paxton says her mother is a 13-year survivor of breast cancer. United in Pink was created as a support system for family members and survivors.

Paxton said, "When she was diagnosed, I was 30 years old, so you might not think I'm a child of a survivor that might have needs, but our lives were changed, our routines were changed."

Children ages 4 to 18 attend the camp. At the camp, they make arts and crafts projects, dance, and sing to celebrate how far the survivors have come. The theme this week is "Shine."

Paxton said, "We want everyone to shine and to be a light. If that means being a light to someone in a new friendship or old friendship, we are all here together for a great week of fun."

Volunteer Taylor Nelson has volunteered for the past five years. She says her family hasn't been affected by breast cancer, but she has learned a lot from the camp.

Nelson said, "I feel like it has shaped me to really think about other people other than myself and how this affects other families and kids."

United in Pink is on Facebook and are selling tickets for an August fundraising event on their website Unitedinpink.org.