Macon had its own leaning tower -- a utility pole on Houston Road damaged by severe weather.
Macon native James Waters says he called utility companies for weeks to get the pole fixed or removed.

Gabrielle Dawkins caught a glimpse of this leaning hazard.

"This pole has been this way for weeks, I think since the storm," says Waters.

However, on Wednesday, the utility pole that had been tilting dangerously since Irma passed through town in September met its match.

"They're repairing it now," says Waters.

Waters says the damaged wood could have done serious damage.

"Look at all of these people passing by, and I guess no one called and it could have fell on them and it's just no concern. It didn't get fixed for weeks," says Waters."It could have fell onto this road, a car could have hit it, or it could have fell while a car was going by," Waters continued.

Wednesday morning, AT&T workers transferred communication lines over to another pole less than a yard away.

Waters says he's talked to everybody to get the pole fixed, even God.

"I requested prayer about it," says Waters. "I was telling the Sunday school class that it's like a verse in the Bible, 'Is it nothing to you, all ye that pass by?'"

With a mustard seed of faith, his prayers were answered.

"It's a blessing that no one got hurt, and I praise the Lord that it was taken care of," says Waters.

No more leaning and no more hazard.

Georgia Power spokeswoman Theresa Robinson says they plan to remove what's left of that pole on Wednesday night. Although she could not confirm that the pole was damaged as a result of Irma, during the storm, central Georgia experienced 250 damaged poles, and across the state, there were 1,625 damaged poles.