Macon's International Cherry Blossom Festival presented awards for 2017.

Among the award winners: Brooklyn Rouse, the Macon woman who was shot in the head and neck the day after Christmas last year as she delivered pizzas.

"Let Brooklyn Rouse be an example to all of us. Her road to recovery has not been easy but because of her it is evident that violence and hate will not overcome us and that heroes truly live among us," Cherry Blossom Festival chairman, Don Bailey says.

The festival gave Rouse its first "Bravery Blossom Medal."

Last December, Rouse was delivering pizzas for Papa John's when a robber shot her in the head.

She has been working hard with therapists at the Shepard Center in Atlanta to get back on her feet.

"It gives me chills because I was determined to get off that wheelchair to get off that walker to get off that cane you know if it wasn't for me taking it head on and for me being so positive about it I really wouldn't be where I am right now," Rouse says.

A strength that comes from the support of the community and being surrounded by family.

"Just mentally it makes you feel like you can conquer anything," she says.

Rouse says she doesn't see herself as a hero, but she does hope her dark situation can shed light on others.

"I hope someone can see my situation and can decide hey if she can make the best out of a bad situation that maybe I can do it too," she says.

Beating the odds and coming back stronger than ever, Rouse says she's excited for the journey ahead.

Going from a wheelchair to now walking on her own Rouse's journey has been an inspiration for many.