Prom is the time of year that gets so many girls excited, but what's not exciting is how much it all costs... especially the dress.

According to Glamour magazine, an average prom dress can cost up to $400, but at Bulldogs Boutique you can find one for just $10.

If you have a prom dress from last year, you can bring it in and swap it for another for free.

Christina Barfield is a teacher at Mary Persons High School, and says she came up with the idea of the prom dress swap after seeing how many girls couldn't go to prom because of the cost.

With the swap, everyone gets to have those precious prom memories.

"I mean it's too good to pass up...I mean free... that's better than paying $10 for one," said Krystyn Major, a senior at Mary Persons High School.

A few caught her eye, but she finally said yes to the perfect dress.

"I was like oooooh this dress looks nice, it's got a wrap on it so it will look extra pizzazz-y," said Major.

But picking out the perfect dress is just as much fun for grandmothers like Angela Hames.

"I think we get more enjoyment out of it than she will," said Hames.

Hames says prom is one of the most memorable days of your life.

"It's almost like getting married, but just without the husband," said Hames.

So finding that perfect dress is critical and after trying on a few, her granddaughter Dariella finally found the dress saving Hames a couple hundred dollars.

Bulldogs Boutique is helping students have their fairytale moment.

All of the money raised Saturday will go towards helping students who either need a suit, or don't have transportation to get to prom.