Several parents have reached out to 13 WMAZ and the Laurens County School Board with complaints about their children being bullied.

Some of them worry about the lasting psychological effects that can follow their child into adulthood.

Gabrielle Dawkins took those concerns to a psychologist to get an expert opinion.

Taylor Young, a 9th grade student at West Laurens High School says the transition from middle school to high school is rocky.

"It's to the point where I sit here and beg my parents to let me drop out," said Taylor. "It started with some girls putting hand sanitizer in my hair during eighth grade, then it transitioned into some girls bullying me and actually coming up and threatening me and pushing me against the wall, and this was right at the beginning of my ninth grade year," she continued.

She says she chose to stop wearing hearing aids after students teased her about them.

Her mother, Rebecca Young, says she tried to resolve the problem in the school system, reaching out to teachers and the Board of Education, but to no avail.

"When you hear your daughter crying and you see the cut marks, it's really stressful and it really hurts," said Young.

Clyde Anderson is a licensed psychologist in Dublin and he says that the psychological effect of bullying can be anywhere from, "Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, panic disorders, agoraphobia. Those kind of things that we think of when we think of anxiety," said Anderson.

According to a Journal American Medical Association by William E. Copeland.

"Individuals who were just victims and who were bullies and victims they tended to have the same anxiety disorders and mood disorders," said Anderson "The individuals who were bullies and bullied also had a higher incidence of suicidality," he continued.

He added saying that there are effects for the bullies.

He says that the the child being bullied need to seek help. With Taylor's family and friends by her side, she hopes to start counseling.

"I'm just wanting a change in all of the schools so, basically, bullying will stop," said Young.