The Mercer Bears aren't the only ones scoring during the football season -- some off-campus business owners are also doing an end-zone dance.

Mercer Village is a restaurant hub for students.

"Back in 2009, some of the Mercer students had this great idea about making Mercer Village bringing in restaurants, book stores hair salons," says Fambro.

Carl Fambro, the owner of the Francar's Buffalo Wings, says that he wasn't here when he moved to the village.

"Whether it's hot, mild, spicy, dry," says Fambro."Wings are still the number one sporting food in the country."

When football season comes around, it's always a touchdown at his wing spot.

"We see three to four times more customers on game day,"says Fambro.

His biggest order to date is 2,000 wings on game day.

"Right before the game starts, a ton of people will descend on Mercer Village and they will eat, drink, have a good time and then go over to the game," says Fambro. "The stadium is only 5 minutes away even if you walk, so it's really convenient."

Students like Patrick Ingle says he noticed the economic boost from Mercer's new football program over the past two years.

You've got an increased flow of people who can come and spend money and invest in the local companies and you can definitely see the benefit.

Fambro says he looks forward to those Bear fans walking through his door.

Margaritas, Sauced Pizza, and Jittery Joe's all told us that game days are big days for them.